Dog Grooming & Microchipping - Company Message

Comment from facebook in appreciation of dog grooming.
Ollie - Bischon x, 'Thank you Helene, Ollie looks gorgeous'

Louis & Lady - Cocker Spaniels, 'Thank you they all look lovely'

Banks - Shih tzu, 'looks so much better'

Patterdales, 'thank you for chipping Maud, Alf & Pearl'

Lulu, Poodle x 'just had lulu chipped, lovely lady, lovely to meet you, thanks very much'

Rupert - Snauzer, 'he is so beautiful, another lovely job today, thank you'

Sherlock - Bischon, 'He looks great, thanks for a great job'

Barny - Pug x, 'thanks for having him, hes shattered as normal!'

Charlie - Border Collie, 'thank you so much for fitting Charlie dog in at such late notice, and doing such a good job on him.  he normally wears his coat like columbo, but tonight it actually looks like it fits, complete with designer cuffs.  Its silky smooth and shiny, and whats more he can't stop smiling.  Hes such a happy boy and I think he really enjoyed his day at the salon and is very proud of his new look.  Big thanks'

Poppy - Chinese Crested x, Roo - Spaniel x Collie, 'thanks for sorting Poppy and Roo out yesterday'

Animology  'I love this stuff, the fox poo one features regularly in our house'
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